Nonfiction Editing Services

I work best with people who either don’t have time to edit their own first drafts, or who want to improve their writing skills.

My clients vary widely in their level of writing expertise. Thus, I offer a complimentary two hours of nonfiction editing services on a new client’s document—which shows what it will cost both to edit the entire piece and to edit additional documents.

I can either simply edit a document—or include comments on why I recommend the changes I’ve suggested. My goal in editing a piece is twofold: make the ideas easy to understand and preserve the author’s voice. I also offer straightforward tutoring on how to improve one’s writing skills.

Editing Experience

From 1984 through 1995, I edited numerous published articles for two MIT professors, both of whom are now retired.

Seymour Papert was the co-founder of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab with Marvin Minsky. He also developed the programming language Logo and Turtle Geometry, which make it easy for grade-school children to learn programming. Logo is essentially a simplified dialect of LISP, the AI language. Seymour founded the MIT Architecture Machine Group, which later became the MIT Media Lab. He developed a theory of learning called constructionism, built on the work of Jean Piaget. In December 2006, Seymour was struck by a motorcyle in Hanoi and suffered brain damage. His rehabilitation is ongoing.

Carl Hewitt is best known for his design of Planner, which was influential in the development of logic programming and object-oriented programming. He is also known for his work on the Actor model of concurrent computation, which influenced the development of the Scheme programming language and the π calculus. Carl is currently the Board Chair of the International Society for Inconsistency Robustness, and has been a Visiting Professor at Stanford University and the University of Keio. In 2000, he became an Emeritus Professor in MIT’s department of Electrican Engineering and Computer Science.

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