Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many of your clients have gotten on the best-seller lists?

You could be the first!

My fiction editing & coaching practice is based on the critiques I’ve done in two writers’ groups for more than two decades—combined with a recent epiphany about what makes a best-seller. I am applying these four core pillars to my own writing, as well as making them the focus of my coaching.

The basic idea of a “best-seller” is that one cannot put it down and tells one’s friends the book is a “must read”. Any tale can have a grabby opening, sympathetic protagonist, compelling plot and wowser ending. You just have to find them.

2. Do you offer any discounts?

No, but we can discuss a payment schedule. Please work this out with me before I begin work on your manuscript.

3. My finances are really wretched. Can you help me anyway?

I do offer one pro-buono tutoring situation. Contact me to see if we can work together.

4. What if I don’t like your critique?

Just use my “Grumpy Guarantee. (If you feel “grumpy” about my critique, you pay only the non-refundable advance.) Of course, this also means I would not do any additional critiques or coaching with you!

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