Free Fiction Advice

As an avid user of public schools and public libraries, I believe that that “Free Is Good”. I therefore offer a variety of Free Fiction Advice! In particular:

Free Fiction Scene Critiques

Need some help with a scene that won’t gel? Send it to me, and I’ll publish it on my blog. (Up to 2500 words, which is roughly 10 double-spaced Courier-font pages, or 13,250 characters.) See: Free Scene Critiques.

Free Samples of Fiction Editing and Critiquing

Wondering what it’s like to work with me? Get a free sample of what I’ll do with 30 double-spaced pages of your work (7500 words). See: Free Samples of Critiquing Fiction and Editing Non-Fiction.

Free Tutoring

As time permits, I offer one pro-buono tutoring relationship to an aspiring fiction writer who wants to improve his-or-her craft. See: Free Fiction Tutoring.

Free Articles About Writing Fiction

In addition to articles about craftsmanship on this site, I also offer short e-booklets for free. See: Free Articles about Writing Fiction.

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