About My Fiction Critiques

As the recipient of many fiction critiques over more than two decades, I know how painful it can be to hear criticism of work that comes from the deepest part of one’s psyche. (See But She’s Not a Spoiled Brat!) Thus, I always start with acknowledgement of an author’s strengths and what works well. Also, in looking at areas that need improvement, my suggestions include recommendations on how to improve and why those approaches would strengthen the client’s writing.

In publishing free critiques of one scene on my blog, my purpose is both to assist a wide audience of fellow writers and to show the kind of assistance people can expect in hiring me to critique a manuscript.

Why I Do This

My passion is helping you become successful. My goals for you are twofold:

  1. I want you to have confidence that you are “doing it write” (grin).
  2. I want you to craft your tale into the most compelling novel it can be.

My fiction critiques focus on your success as an writer. I look at how well you have implemented the four pillars of a bestseller, and give suggestions on how to take your existing story and “raise it to the next level”. In particular, do you have:

  • grabber opening
  • sympathetic protagonist
  • compelling plot
  • wowser ending

All four are essential to creating a book that sparks word of mouth buzz and attracts more readers. Of course, I also highlight areas like setting and dialogue that need attention.

Do I work with everyone who contacts me?

No. I only take on clients whose stories I enjoy reading. If I decide not to work with you, it doesn’t mean you’re a “bad author”. Only that our tastes in fiction are sufficiently diverse that I’m not a good fit for assisting you.

If you want to explore working with me, contact me about sending me the first 50 pages of your manuscript.

What is unique about my services?

Not only do I specialize in the “four pillars” of writing a blockbuster, I pay special attention to the beginning and end: the grabber opening and wowser ending.

How many times have you enjoyed reading a book, only to be disappointed at its conclusion and decide: I’m never going to buy that person’s books again! Personally, I stopped reading Zelazny’s Amber series. All his endings were cliffhangers for his next book!

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