Fiction Critique Services

1. Assessment

Are you wondering . . .

What are my strengths as a writer? Where do I need to improve?

Send me either a complete short story or the beginning of your novel, anywhere from 7500-12500 words (that’s roughly 30-50 double-spaced pages). My comprehensive analysis covers the “four pillars” of writing a bestseller—plus the more standard areas of:

  • characterization
  • plot
  • conflict
  • tension
  • pacing
  • setting
  • dialogue

Fee: $300

2. Manuscript “Bestseller” Fiction Critique

Focuses on the “four pillars” of writing a bestseller. Does your work have a grabber opening? Sympathetic protagonist? Compelling plot? Wowser ending? This critique includes suggestions for strengthening your novel with respect to these four.

Fee: $3/page ($0.012/word: one page = 250 words)

3. Manuscript “Overall” Fiction Critique

Does your story “hang together” in the classic avenues of characterization, plot, conflict, tension, pacing, setting and dialogue? This critique analyzes your story’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to these and gives concrete suggestions for improvement.

Fee: $4/page ($0.016/word: one page = 250 words)

4. Manuscript Detail Editing Service

Generally known as “copy-editing”, this classic manuscript editing service takes a fine-tooth comb through your work. I provide specific suggestions for making stronger word choices and cleaning up potentially confusing passages. For example, does a volatile liquid explode before the match drops into the pool of gasolene? I catch these as well as awkward phrasings, passages of exposition, and stilted dialogue.

Fee: $5/page ($0.02/word: one page = 250 words)

Before starting a critique, I require a non-refundable advance of $150 or 10% of the full fee, whichever is greater.

If you’re concerned that you might not like my critique, check out my “Grumpy Guarantee”, or ask for a free sample of my fiction editing and critiquing services!

See also: FAQs about Fees

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