Are You Confused by Feedback
from Agents and Publishers,
even Fellow Writers?

Do you get “encouraging rejection letters” from agents and publishers? But their comments are vague or unclear—and don’t tell you how to fix the problems they’ve described?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Doesn’t it make you want to scream at the world, “What am I supposed to do now?”

When agents and publishers send you anything more than “Does not meet our needs at this time,” they want you to continue. They want you to succeed. But all they have is their gut reaction—which comes from the limbic brain and has no words.

They don’t know how to give you useful feedback.

So they say things like, “the fantasy elements didn’t grab me,” or “the story didn’t capture my interest,” or “the hero didn’t engage me.” And yup, I’ve gotten that exact feedback myself. It took me about three years to figure out these were all variations on a single theme: “It didn’t grab me.” The problem wasn’t the fantasy elements or the story line or the hero. My beginning just wasn’t “grabby enough”.

What if you could look at every scene you write and KNOW if it works?

No more doubts. No more wondering “Is it good enough?” No more puzzling over hazy, ambiguous or confusing reactions from agents, publishers and even fellow writers.

Would that transform your writing career?

As your fiction writing coach, I focus on the story you want to write. Not only do you get specific suggestions for improving your craftsmanship, I explain how my recommendations solve the problems in your prose. As a result, you learn how to write scenes that work.

You also benefit from my “four pillars of a bestseller” approach. Does your tale have these four elements?

  • grabber opening
  • sympathetic protagonist
  • compelling plot
  • wowser ending

If not, I’ll help you shape the story you want to tell into a powerful, evocative novel that leaves your readers wanting more.

Download a free copy of BestSeller Book Four Pillars now.

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